Mombasa is a renowned city in Kenya famous for attracting millions of visitors from all the continents of the world. Perhaps it’s important to dissect some of the features which make this city such a magnet for tourists.

Fort Jesus-This ancient fort was established around 1593 by Portuguese sailors but it was later used by the Arabs as torture rooms, prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being shipped away. This place will therefore enlighten visitors on aspects of slave trade. A meal can also be enjoyed accompanied by a sound and light show weekly.

Haller Park-This place used to be known as Nature Trails, it’s perfectly ideal for cycling, jogging, nature trails while inhaling nature in all its beauty. With various options to choose from, such as the Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and bird watching. This is a must see attraction which is full of nature.

Nguni Reserve-There is no better place to have a cold drink as you light a campfire, tucked away in the bush while watching the sunset .This reserve boasts of animal species such giraffes, ostriches, waterbucks and different species of birds to watch while you enjoy your BBQ.

Tudor Water Sports-Nothing beats a prime restaurant with a lovely view of the ocean, at Tudor Water Sports, not only can you enjoy a quiet meal by the sea, you can also hire a speedboat and go sightseeing. Boat rides are not so expensive if you hire one as a group and get to split the costs. There is also the convenience of carrying some food and drinks as you cruise around.

Pirates Beach-While the name might be a bit intimidating, this is a must see place with a different side of Mombasa and there is no dull moment. The best time to go is usually very early in the morning when it’s less crowded .You can buy fresh fish and prawns at a cheap price if you bump into the fishermen coming back with their catch for the day!

Masai Market-Mombasa is the land of the Masai people. A visit to Kenya is never complete without indulging in Masai wood carvings, souvenirs for your loved ones or unique paintings for your home, this market is a hive of activity every Wednesday and Thursday.

The above should provide for some very exciting experiences while you visit Mombasa.