Africa is a diverse continent with diverse social, economic and environmental conditions. The treasure of East Africa in the name of Kenya offers what no other country offers on the African continent. Perhaps it’s important to consider important pointers and tips visitors and travelers to this country can use.

-It is always a good idea to carry one bag rather than a number of bags. This is to ensure you don’t incur extra costs when it comes to airline luggage charges but also avoid the stress of looking after so many bags.

-Health matters should be treated with the seriousness that they deserve. It is always advisable to take the necessary vaccinations and anti malaria tablets as you travel around.

-Regardless of your budget, when you are traveling in Africa keep in mind that you are much richer than the majority of local people around you. While most people are honest, the sight of a tourist with cash to spare and cameras dangling is too tempting for some. To avoid being fodder for con-artists, petty thieves and opportunists keep some of the following safety tips in mind when visiting Africa.

-Wear a flat money belt that fits underneath your clothes. Use this to keep your credit credit cards, passport and travelers checks safe.

-Make a copy of your passport, ticket, credit card and traveler check numbers. Put these in your main luggage so if you do get robbed of the originals, you still have all the information for insurance and replacement purposes.

-Safes in hotels are not always safe (ironically) so use a lockable pouch or bag to put your valuables in if your hotel has these facilities.

-Don’t walk alone at night especially in major town and cities and stick to well lit areas even if you are walking with a group. Taxis are available in every African town and it’s worth the extra money to be safe.

-Don’t look too obviously lost even if you are. You can always walk purposefully into a shop, bank or hotel to ask for directions or consult a map.

Watch your belongings and pockets very carefully at busy bus stations, train stations, markets and bazaars.