The Island of Cape Verde is a jewel piece of land that exudes rare beauty. Located 570 kilometers off the coast of Western Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometers. The name of the country stems from the nearby Cap-Vert, on the Senegalese coast, which in its turn was originally named “Cabo Verde” when it was sighted by Portuguese explorers in 1444, a few years before the islands were discovered (verde is Portuguese for “green”).

Apart from the fact that this is an arrow-shaped archipelago that is the region’s most Westernised country, where the people are richer and better educated than almost anywhere on the continent. There are many other reasons why millions every year flock to this peaceful Island.

For many people the main reason for visiting Cape Verde is for spectacular Santo Antão, and it really is a good reason. This dizzyingly vertical isle, ruptured with canyons, gorges and valleys, offers some of the most amazing hiking in West Africa.

In Cape Verde you have plenty of choices for renting a car and exploring on your own. All the big boys (i.e. Avis and Hertz) are found at affordable rates. Why not hire? Every island can be explored in 1 day. Cape Verde has nice beaches especially the island of Sal where you have kilometer after kilometer of white sandy beaches. If your aim is to chill out and tan then this is not a bad place to start. Walking around the Cape Verdian countryside is very pleasant and interesting. The landscape is nice and the people very friendly. The roads are quite suited for hiking as many locals walk on them in order to get to work or school.

Hiking from Ribeira grande to Fontainhas is really cool. Have you ever seen the photos from Bhutan where the houses are clinched to the mountains? You have scenery never to be missed. Cape Verde is one of the best islands in the world for surfing especially on Sal Island, with really big waves and fantastic places for deep sea fishing.

Evenings are a hive of activity on this island. At Blu bar you will get a fantastic welcome with live music and friendly staff. The cocktails are amazing and they will even get you a taxi home.

Cape Verde is ready to welcome the world.