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Likizo Lettings Limited | Rentals Made Easy

A vacation rental is rated by the number of bookings and reviews it has. These ratings and bookings are not easy to come by. Maybe you have listed your property on many listing websites but bookings fail to come through. There are some factors that make a vacation renter successful. We shall highlight the importance of some of these factors.

In vacation rentals business, there is a need for advertisement. Advertisement can be made through several media. For instance the A5-flyers and posters distributed around the neighborhood, the use of social media, radio adverts, listing sites and the highly rated television adverts.

Whichever means the advert is, the devil is always in the details. In this case, let us not forget that advertisement via the social media has been the easiest and the most poorly utilized. But for the purpose of this article on vacation rentals related adverts, we shall concentrate on how to make your listing stand out among the others. The key to an advert with high conversion rate is copy-writing and photography. Professional copy-writing and photography help you showcase your vacation rentals and turn readers into renters.

Another important tool that many take for granted is the check-in/ key handover procedures. This aspect of vacation rentals is the most important because it is the first impression and face to face encounter with your guests from a listing site. How smooth and comfortable a guest’s stay will be in your rental is determined by the check-in experience. And that will surely guarantee you a review- positive or negative.

Managing check-ins and check-outs can be very time consuming. Innovative companies can take that burden off by arranging key pick up with the cafe next door or simply check-in them for you at a cost of course. But whatever the cost may be, it guarantees you a positive review which will in turn earn you more bookings.

Channel management is another key factor to a successful vacation rental business. There are several channel management software available online for syncing your calendars. There is always need for precision and professionalism in the vacation rentals business. This calls for accuracy in the calendar to update availability, bookings and blocked dates to avoid double bookings which can be very frustrating to both the host and the guest. Disappointing a guest that has traveled several miles with no knowledge of your double booking dilemma, definitely, will earn you a bad review and deny you of future bookings

In case you list your properties on a number of vacation rental websites, always update your dates with new bookings. No more mistakes.

Everyone needs a sense of security. Features like burglar alarms and CCTV will help you save energy and improve insecurity for your guests and your property. This will surely give you a rating at the end of every stay.

Another factor is your communication skills coupled. Many guests can be troublesome and demanding. Never forget the popular saying that “customers are always right”. Your attitude towards solving your guests’ problem is very important. As a host, you may be forced to act but first make your guests feel at home and in control, then you can later clear the air on whatever the problem is. Communication and attitude are very important tools in all business. A constructive interaction and positive attitude towards guests will surely rate your customer relation high thereby earn you more bookings.

Property Management Systems- creating a website isn’t an easy task. You can simply stay on top of bookings and check-ins and accept payments for the bookings by utilizing the vacation rentals websites with flexible and secured payment methods. Statistics shows that around 87% of travelers in the U.S pay for vacation rentals using their credit/debit cards and 11% use cash. 42% of Kenya GDP is transacted on MPESA. Over 19 millions Kenyans pay using the mobile money (MPESA) alone. An average of 60% of Kenyans has access to either mobile money and credit/debit cards. Only a minor fraction still uses cash as a means of payment. All these have been put in place on our website to help make payment easy.