Vacation Rentals FAQ

Are you thinking of making some more money by turning your property into a vacation rental? Let’s say you bought or inherited a beach or lake house or even have an extra apartment or room that you don’t use as much as you would like. Or that your kids’ room that is sitting empty and not being used while they are away at school. That is a perfect vacation rental. Any property that is used only a couple times a year, and rent out for the remainder of the time, can be categorized…continue reading →


A vacation rental is rated by the number of bookings and reviews it has. These ratings and bookings are not easy to come by. Maybe you have listed your property on many listing websites but bookings fail to come through. There are some factors that make a vacation renter successful. We shall highlight the importance of some of these factors. In vacation rentals business, there is a need for advertisement. Advertisement can be made through several media. For instance the A5-flyers and posters distributed around the neighborhood, the use of social media, radio…continue reading →